Wasabi Reveals Next-Generation Privacy Wallet
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Wasabi, an open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused bitcoin wallet, has revealed a new version called Wasabi Wallet 2.0.

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The developers say the new wallet besides its UI improvements, will also facilitate faster, more cost-efficient collaborative transactions with the help of the newly-created WabiSabi mixing protocol without waste and "lay the foundation for payments within CoinJoins."

Wasabi Reveals Next-Generation Privacy Wallet
Mock up of the Load Wallet Tab - Wasabi Wallet 2.0/wasabiwallet.io

Wasabi's developers hope the new version of the wallet might be bitcoin's "last stand in the fight for becoming good money." It is expected that the new wallet will be released within the next 14 months.

In October, the growing popularity of Wasabi and Samourai Bitcoin mixing wallets made investigating activity in the darknet a really difficult task, according to Europol.

Binance Blocks Withdrawals Out to Wasabi Wallet

Europol highlighted that administrators of some darkweb markets are trying to integrate CoinJoin-compatible wallets as their default payment option. The proportion of users using hardware wallets is also growing. Some platforms use multi-signature addresses or wallet-less crypto payment systems.

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