Trezor Wallet to Support Bitcoin ABC amid Bitcoin Cash Hardfork
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Trezor, a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, has announced it will initially support the current implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC).

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SatoshiLabs, the developers of the Trezor wallet, said in an official announcement that the final decision will depend on user consensus following the fork. While the developers admit there might be a coin split, there will be no snapshot of BCH held in Trezor wallets so users "will not be eligible to receive new coins during the split, unless they withdraw to a wallet which supports it."

"If you wish to take part in the fork, you should transfer your BCH balance to another wallet which is supporting the coin split, to make sure you receive any coins resulting from the hard fork," the company said.

If the crypto community chooses Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN), Trezor's developers will reportedly drop support for Bitcoin Cash ABC and connect to the new network. Nonetheless, this action will not be discussed until after the hard fork the company emphasized.

The Bitcoin Cash fork is expected to happen on November 15 to implement the mining protocol upgrade. At press time, BCHN network is ahead of BCHABC by 73.8% in terms of the hashing power.

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In January, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange discovered a way to extract seeds from such wallets as Trezor One and Trezor Model T just within 15 minutes. According to the official blog post, all that potential hacker is needed is physical access to the wallet.

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