Cardano to Sponsor Adoption of Haskell Language
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Cryptocurrency ecosystem Cardano has officially become one of the first sponsors of the Haskell Foundation, an independent organization dedicated on adoption of the Haskell language.

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According to Simon Peyton Jones, a major contributor to the design of the Haskell programming language, the list of financial supporters that already contributed a total of $200,000 also includes IOHK, a tech and engineering company behind the Cardano ecosystem.

The company says it believes in the power of functional programming, open-source software, and open governance.

"So, we are delighted to be able to join other key companies in supporting the community through an open and transparent process in which everyone can participate," the company wrote in an official announcement.

In addition to financial support, IOHK has also invested in expanding the Haskell community, including online tutorials and delivering face-to-face training courses.

In May 2019, the Cardano Foundation, an organization focused on development of the altcoin ADA, announced a partnership with the Hong Kong Fintech Association (FTAHK), an independent organization based on transparency, accountability and governance.

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The association provides a unique position to speak on behalf of the fintech community. It is run by a voluntary group of members who care about the future of fintech in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia.

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