Lightning Labs Reveals Liquidity Marketplace for Business
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Nov. 2, 2020
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Lightning Labs is rolling out a new product focused for business called Lightning Pool.

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According to an official announcement, the non-custodial, peer-to-peer marketplace for Lightning now allows node operators to purchase or sell channels. Ryan Gentry, Business Development Lead at Lightning Labs, says the release is a major milestone of an important development in the evolution of Lightning financial products.

"With Pool, Lightning businesses and node operators can streamline their channel management and focus on building and serving their customers instead of worrying about liquidity," Gentry added.

Mainnet alpha version of the pool is available via the command line using the reference Go client and also in Lightning Terminal with the LiT v0.3.0 release. APIs are also available for gRPC and REST integrations.

Previously, iHodl reported that Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program extended with a new Bitcoin-focused startup called Lastbit.

Lightning Network Hits 10K Node Benchmark

With the inclusion in the program, Lastbit will reportedly be able to integrate its Lightning Network-based payments platform to enable its financial partners to issue Visa credentials to end consumers.

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