Darknet Floods with 10K Robinhood Accounts
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Over 10,000 account credentials allegedly tied to Robinhood have been identified on darknet marketplaces, Bloomberg has learned, citing Q6 Cyber, an e-crime intelligence firm.

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According to Eli Dominitz, Q6 Cyber CEO, the amount of Robinhood-related credentials outnumber those for other brokerages "by about 5-to-1."

"If they feel that Robinhood gives them greater upside than trying to steal money from Bank of America, that’s what they’re going to do," Dominitz added.

The 11.2 billion fintech startup claims there are no signs its systems were breached. However, it promises to compensate clients if the company determines they lost funds due to unauthorized access.

Robinhood declined to confirm the leak, but pointed out that it is not the only brokerage subject to such attacks.

"It is not uncommon for cyber-criminals to target customers of financial-services companies by attempting to use information sourced from the dark web," Robinhood told Bloomberg in an emailed statement.

As iHodl reported in October, an unknown hacker (or even a group) managed to compromise almost 2,000 accounts on Robinhood. While the nature of the hack remains unknown, the disclosed amount of hacked accounts is way bigger than the company's spokesman said initially.

Robinhood Clients Suddenly Lose Funds, Blame Company for Slow Support

Originally, it was reported that the vulnerability was from the clients' side. However, according to several victims of the hack, there were no evidence of criminals compromising their email accounts. Some even added they had set up two-factor authentication.

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