Largest Miner Sends $1.4M in Tokens to Binance
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27 October
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The largest miner in the DeFi project has sent 100 YFI tokens to Binance, according to Whale Alert.

YFI has become one of the most prominent projects in the DeFi sector this year. The crypto hit $44,000 in September. Since then, the price has been corrected to $14,000, however, YFI is still one of the largest tokens in the decentralized finance sector (DeFi).

The 100 tokens sent by the miner to Binance are worth $1.4M. The limitation of YFI's supply to 30,000 tokens and its low availability on the market due to its concentration on other "farming" projects means the 100 YFI tokens can exert strong pressure on the market.

It should be noted this miner has made similar transactions to Binance from other directions. The tokens might not have been transferred to the platform for sale, but rather on request from the exchange in order to ensure market making activity so that users can move in and out of positions with minimal slippage.

At the same time, some representatives of the crypto community believe YFI needs to move beyond the $15,300 resistance level in order to accelerate its growth.

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