Crypto Assets Under Management of Grayscale Reach $6.5B
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20 October
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The total value of crypto assets under management by investment company Grayscale Investments has reached a new ATH of $6.5B, the firm has reported.

Most of the funds are concentrated in the Bitcoin trust GBTC. As a comparison, all assets managed by Grayscale as of September 11 amounted to this amount.

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The Ethereum Trust represents 13.5% of the total value of the company's portfolio, while the total share of other funds is only 3.5%.

Grayscale recently reported the third quarter of this year was the best in the company's history. During this period, its trusts have raised over $1B in assets, and since the beginning of 2020, the investment volume has surpassed $2.4B. According to Grayscale representatives, this amount is more than double the total volume of investments attracted between 2013 and 2019.

According to the portal Bitcoin Treasuries, the investment volume of public companies, including Grayscale, in Bitcoin is close to $9B.

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