Tokyo Court Extends Rehabilitation Deadline for Mt.Gox
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The Tokyo District Court has officially extended the rehabilitation plan for the notorious cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox.

According to an official statement, the delay was attributable to the closer examination with regard to the rehabilitation plan.

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Thus, the Rehabilitation Trustee filed a motion to seek an extension of the submission deadline of the rehabilitation plan at the Tokyo District Court, and, on October 14, 2020, the Tokyo District Court decided to extend the submission deadline for the rehabilitation plan to December 15, 2020.

Mt.Gox Former Clients Allowed to Return Funds

In 2018, Mt.Gox started civil rehabilitation proceedings to reimburse the victims of a cyberattack, which happened back in 2013. Nobuaki Kobayashi, the bitcoin exchange civil rehabilitation trustee, sold off the bitcoin reserves in order to pay off the wronged customers.

In March 2014, Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles transferred 200,000 BTC for security reasons to offline wallets and notified about the transfer the judicial and supervisory authorities. As of total, the exchange lost approximately 650,000 BTC.

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