Experts Warn About Monero Mining Botnet Lemon Duck
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Talos, Cisco's cyber-threat division, has just reported increased activity from the Lemon Duck botnet, which allows hackers to illegally mine Monero.

Even though researchers identified the malware in December 2018, they have noticed increased activity since late March 2020.

Lemon Duck uses at least 12 different infection vectors and can infect both Windows and Linux systems.

Among other things, the botnet spreads via e-mail. The subject of the infected e-mails is usually related to the coronavirus. These messages contain malicious attachments that Microsoft Outlook automatically sends to all the contacts of the infected user.

After it is installed, the botnet stops some services and loads other tools in order to establish hidden connections to the Internet.

Most of the victims of Lemon Duck are in Iran, Egypt, the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

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