Bloomberg: Bad Actor Compromised 2,000 Accounts on Robinhood
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An unknown hacker (or even a group) has managed to compromise almost 2,000 accounts on Robinhood, Bloomberg has learned, citing an anonymous whistleblower.

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While the nature of the hack remains unknown, the disclosed amount of hacked accounts is way bigger than Robinhood spokesman reported initially.

Originally, it was reported that the vulnerability was from the clients' side. However, according to several victims of the hack, there was no evidence of criminals compromising their email accounts. Some even added they had set up two-factor authentication.

Robinhood Faces Watchdog Pressure Over March Outage

One of the victims discovered that after contacting Robinhood's customer support via email, the bad actor managed to intercept messages from fintech startup and eventually forged identification to reactivate trading.

Earlier, iHodl reported that several clients of Robinhood Inc., said their accounts had been compromised as the brokerage platform did nothing to react to the incidents on time.

Robinhood's client, Soraya Bagheri, said she had lost $10,000 as someone managed to withdrew 450 shares of Moderna Inc. After she contacted Robinhood's support, the brokerage startup had said it would investigate and respond within "a few weeks."

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