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The Ethereum Ecosystem has a brand-new language for smart contracts called Fe.

According to Christoph Burgdorf, an Ethereum software engineer, the new language was designed as a rewritten version of the Vyper compiler (in Rust).

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The new programming language has a Pythonic syntax and emphasizes language safety.

"As such, the syntax of Fe is largely inspired by Python. This allows for readable and expressive code that would be familiar to developers who have used Python," Burgdorf wrote in an official announcement.

The idea of the Fe programming language is to separate components of the compiler into distinct libraries that follow standard compiler design guidelines. That is, we have implemented parsing, semantic-analysis, and compilation as separate libraries with their own APIs and tests, Burgdorf added.

Despite the announcement, the development of Fe is still in its early stages. The short-term goals, according to Fe's GitHub page is to implement an ERC20 token contract and compile it.

The long-term goals are:

  • Implement compilation routines for the full set of current Fe features;
  • Implement a YUL compiler in Rust to eliminate the need to interact with the Solidity compiler;
  • Formally verify the Fe compiler using the language specification.

In August this year, TRON entered into a strategic partnership with a blockchain platform Waves to make smart contract languages used in the ecosystems interoperable with the help of Gravity, a blockchain and token-agnostic oracle. Offers $200K for Building Solidity Smart Contracts on EOSIO

Currently, both of the blockchains are using different programming languages: Ride and Solidity. It is expected that with the help of Gravity, TRON and Waves will be able to enhance access to services for two userbases.

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