Ripple's CTO Sold 40,000 ETHs for $1 Each
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David Schwartz, chief technology officer of Ripple, recently revealed that he and his wife made a bad investment decision in 2012.

According to his official Twitter account, Schwartz sold 40,000 ETHs for $1 each back in 2012. If he had not made this decision, those 40,000 ETHs would now be valued at more than $15.5M.

However, as if this wasn't enough, Ripple's CTO has also revealed he sold a significant amount of BTC for only $750 as well as another significant amount of XRP for $0.10 each. However, he has not disclosed the amounts he sold.

Schwartz's revelation came through a response to a user who was criticizing the XRP token.

Last week it was reported Ripple's co-founder and CEO Chris Larsen has criticized the United States for not living up to the standards of countries such as China, Singapore and the United Kingdom in promoting crypto innovation, even suggesting the company may be exploring the possibility of leaving the country.

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