Coinbase Wallet Enables Crypto Purchases From the App
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13 October
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Coinbase Wallet, the crypto wallet of the US crypto exchange Coinbase, has just added a new functionality.

According to the announcement shared on Monday, from now on users of the service will be able to buy and store cryptocurrencies directly on the app.

Now users can buy cryptocurrencies from the Coinbase Wallet without having to access or any other exchange. The wallet home screen displays a new "buy or transfer" option:

"Wallet allows users in every part of the world to store their own crypto and use popular dApps like Compound and Uniswap. However, until now, anyone new to crypto had to buy their first cryptocurrency from an exchange, and then transfer it over manually to their Wallet apps."

This new feature is available on Android devices in the United States. However, it is expected the services will soon be extended to iOS and more countries in the future.

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