Venezuela to Launch Decentralized Stock Exchange
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The Venezuelan authorities have just approved the start of the tests of the Decentralized Electronic Exchange of Venezuela (BDVE). According to Gaceta, the country’s official Gazette, it is the first platform in the world "connected to the crypto markets."

The developers say all contracts will be public and available for audit. The BDVE will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. The message reads:

"[The BDVE] is an innovative segment of the stock market that, using new information and communication technologies, offers investors security and control over their financial assets."

The exchange will be available from anywhere in the world with no restrictions. Both national currencies and "alternative digital assets" can be traded. It must be noted there is no mention to the national crypto Petro in the documents.

The financial regulator has assigned 90 days so that the platform can be tested. After that, it will determine whether the BDVE will receive the appropriate license.

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