ConsenSys Develops DeFi Bridge for Filecoin
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2 October
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Blockchain-focused company ConsenSys has presented the DeFi Bridge for Filecoin that will enable liquid markets for lending and borrowing Filecoin on Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) markets.

The DeFi Bridge, according to an official announcement, will enable Filecoin hodlers to tokenize their FIL assets in DeFi protocols based on the Ethereum blockchain. These tools will be open for everyone through the Codefi interfaces.

ConsenSys also announced the launch of Filecoin Storage to provide the view of the Filecoin storage market. The idea of the service is to make price discovery for storage on the Filecoin network simple and transparent.

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The Filecoin Storage app will consist of a searchable marketplace that lets ecosystem users get a full picture of the Filecoin storage market and allows clients to filter, sort, and find the best miners for their needs.

iHodl earlier reported that Filecoin revealed the date of launch of the project's mainnet. According to an official announcement, Filecoin's mainnet will go live on October 15.

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