Yandex Shares Grow by 11.8% Driven by Potential Tinkoff Acquisition
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The shares of the Russian Internet giant Yandex on the NASDAQ posted a spectacular growth of 11.8% during yesterday's trading session. At the close of the trading session, the price of the company's shares amounted to $66.06.

Yandex's market cap has increased from $20.69B to $23.13B in just 24 hours.

The company's shares are rising driven by the news of the potential acquisition of Tinkoff through a deal valued at $5.48B.

It must be noted Tinkoff founder Oleg Tinkov has said he does not plan to leave the company after the potential acquisition by Yandex.

Reuters has reported that Tinkov has also said he has achieved everything he wanted in the financial market and that it is time to "do something else," for example, create a charity foundation to combat leukaemia.

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