Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New Record
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The Bitcoin mining difficulty was readjusted yesterday and reached a new all-time high.

According to, the difficulty increased by 11.35% to 19.31T in block 6,491.52. The previous record was set on August 24 at 17.56T.

The increased complexity of mining is the result of the high speed of adding blocks to the blockchain in the previous segment. According to, over the past two weeks, one block has been added every 8 minutes and 59 seconds on average, while the target was 10 minutes. The complexity adjustment mechanism was designed to correct deviations from the standard by changing the requirements for the calculations performed by miners.

According to data from, the estimated average hashrate of Bitcoin over the past 7 days is still increasing. It is now above 143 EH/s after recently jumping to 153 EH/s.

At the same time, Bitcoin is trading at around $11,000 after increasing by 4% during the last week.

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