Several Japanese Exchanges Stop Supporting Ethereum Classic
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Japanese crypto exchange bitFlyer has announced it will no longer accept deposits in Ethereum Classic as of today. According to the platform:

"In order to protect our customers, we will pause deposits in Ethereum Classic (ETC), which has suffered multiple reorganizations due to 51% attacks. The stop is temporary".

It remains unknown when bitFlyer will resume ETC deposits.

At the same time, Coincheck has suspended Ethereum Classic trading. The exchange has said:

"Large-scale reorganizations as a result of 51% attacks have continuously affected ETC since early August 2020. We have decided to stop supporting ETC due to the fact that we can't do it safely."

The Ethereum Classic network has suffered 3 hacker attacks in just one month. As a result of these events, the ETC's hashrate collapsed, aggravating the situation even more. The latest attack was the most serious in terms of the number of blocks that were reorganized.

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