Bitcoin Miners Revenue Increases to $368M in August
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Revenues for Bitcoin miners increased by 23.19% in August compared to July to $368.3M, according to The Block.

Taking into account the rewards and fees from the network, the income received by Bitcoin miners in August was the highest in three months as well as since the halving of the crypto. The share of fees in the revenues increased from 8.5% in July to 10.7% in August.

At the same time, Ethereum miners' revenue during the same month increased by 98.2% to $285.1M, the highest level in 25 months. Of this figure, 40.5% comes from fees, while it amounted to only 10% in May.

According to Glassnode, almost 10% of all Bitcoin miners' fees now come from deposits in centralized exchanges. This indicator had not reached this level since January 2018. At the beginning of 2020, deposits represented only about 4% of the miners' revenues from fees.

At the same time, the fees of the Ethereum network are growing. The value has remained above $2 for more than a month and on September 2 reached an all-time high of about $15, before falling to $2.67 on September 9. Between September 8 and 10, they jumped by 70% to $4.55.

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