Venezuela Suspends Access of Its Citizens to Coinbase
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Venezuelan project Venezuela Inteligente (VE) has reported through its official Twitter account that Nicolás Maduro's government has blocked the access of the country's users to the US crypto exchange Coinbase as well as to the remittance service MercaDolar.

According to VE, the measure, in which the country's Internet service providers have taken part, has no clear objective.

This is not the first time Venezuelans' access to cryptocurrency exchanges is limited. Thus, the director of Venezuela Inteligente, Andrés E. Azpurua, has said:

"Crypto exchanges have been blocked in the past. Venezuela has a history of blocking exchange platforms. Especially those that are used to exchange the local currency for foreign currencies."

Strangely, the only exchange affected by the current blockade is the US-based Coinbase, while many others are operating without any problem.

The country is immersed in a severe political and economic crisis. Thus, the country's opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó has announced a "unitary pact" that demands greater international pressure against Maduro before the December parliamentary elections.

The measure to block different platforms with the help of Internet service providers could be related to the control of financing in times of great political tension.

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