Monero Adds New Algorithm to Protect Anonymity of Transactions
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The developers of the privacy-focused crypto Monero have just presented the algorithm Triptych, which promises an even greater data protection that makes it difficult to track Monero transactions.

Triptych increases the number of mechanisms that hide the identity of senders, takes up less space in the blockchain of the crypto and increases the speed of transactions.

The news came shortly after CipherTrace announced it had developed a tool for tracking XMR transactions.

However, the effectiveness of this CipherTrace tool is in doubt after the company CEO Dave Jevans could not explain the methods used to track Monero transactions.

Former Monero developer Riccardo Spagni has pointed out the faults of the solution announced by CipherTrace:

"Its description does not make any sense, you cannot determine Monero's addresses even if you know the funds received from a particular transaction. I think they've just created a block explorer."

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