Value of Assets Locked in DeFi Projects Exceeds $9B
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Aug. 31, 2020
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The value of funds locked in decentralized finance projects (DeFi) has hit a new high after reaching $9.02B.

Thus, the Aave project remains the largest in the sector with $1.71B. In second place we find MakerDAO with $1.43B, in the third there is Balancer with $1.36B, in the fourth position we have Curve Finance with $1.26B. The fifth and sixth positions are for and Synthetix, with $953.6M and $871M, respectively.

The native token of the project, the YFI, has recently hit headlines after surpassing the $20,000 record reached by Bitcoin back in 2017. Specifically, the crypto has recently grown by more than 75% and has reached $38,883.

Everything about the DeFi sector seems to be gaining momentum. For example, Chainlink's LINK, a token related to the DeFi infrastructure, has sneaked into the top 5, surpassing Bitcoin Cash in fifth place.

However, these types of tokens still face significant problems such as mass adoption or security issues.

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