Ethereum Classic Experiences Third 51% Attack
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Ethereum Classic's (ETC) blockchain network has experienced a third in a row 51% attack.

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According to Bitfly, the parent company of the mining pool Ethermine, the attack triggered a reorganization "of over 7000 blocks which corresponds to approximately 2 days of mining."

"All lost blocks will be removed from the immature balance and we will check all payouts for dropped txs," the company wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum Classic developers say they are "aware of potential repeated attacks."

"We are well aware of potential repeated attacks while solutions such as "reorg caps" and the subsequent ECIPs are being tested and evaluated. If you haven't already please increase (which most have) please raise confs above ~10K." the developers said.

However, not everyone is happy in the ETC community with such a response. A user with the handle "@DarcyWilliam_LZ" says the developers do not have any positive action "except echoing others' opinions and being the shadow of others."

"It is not the first time they have been 51% attacked, but it is still confusing. Do something meaningful, or please go away," the user added.

Earlier, the main supporter of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, Ethereum Classic Labs, revealed its plan to protect the blockchain network from frequent 51% attacks.

The company announced two stages of improvement: immediate attack prevention and proposed long-term fixes.

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The immediate attack prevention stage includes defensive cryptocurrency mining through cooperation with miners and mining pools in order to stabilize hash rate and to increase it when needed.

The company also suggests enhancing of network monitoring to identify anomalies and spikes in hash rate inventory and prices on mining pools.

At press time, ETC is trading at $6,60 (+0.01%).

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