Lazarus Group Floods LinkedIn with Malicious Files to Steal Crypto Stam
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F-Secure, a Finnish cybersecurity and privacy company, has found out that Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group allegedly linked to North Korea, flooded LinkedIn with fake job listings in the blockchain area.

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The company revealed that the hacker group is sending out phishing documents via LinkedIn account. The document impersonated a job advert for a role in a blockchain-focused company that matched the employee’s skills.

The document contained malicious code that eventually downloads and executes a script to fetch login credentials and access the victim’s network to steal digital assets.

"Lazarus Group has demonstrated sophistication and operational security awareness in executing a prolonged and ostensibly successful cybercrime campaign," F-Secure wrote in a report.

In 2018, security researchers from Kaspersky Lab reported an attack on one of the major Asian crypto exchange platforms. Hacker group Lazarus, allegedly linked to the North Korean government is responsible for the attack.

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According to experts, hackers managed to penetrate the system of the exchange, however, apparently, there were no financial losses.

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