Ryuk Creators Withdraw Over $1M in Bitcoin via Binance
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The developers of the ransomware embezzled Ryuk managed to steal $61 million in bitcoins (EXANTE: Bitcoin) and withdrew over $1 million through the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, iHodl Russia reports.

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According to researches, who asked to remain anonymous, the bad actors laundered over $1 million from various Ryuk-related addresses that had been sent to Binance wallets over the last three years. The last transaction has been recorded in August.

"Out of the 63 sampled transactions worth around $5,700,000, it was found that over $1 million was sent from the hacking team wallets to the Binance exchange platform to cash out their ransom payment," the anonymous researches said.

The remaining funds are reportedly located at various non-exchange crypto addresses. The Binance team says it is waging a never-ending endeavor against fighting money laundering, ransomware, and other malicious activities.

"Unfortunately, when it comes to tracking illicit activity on-chain, attribution is not always black and white," the exchange added.

Earlier, iHodl reported that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to start monitoring all operations inside the Binance Chain blockchain.

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According to the document, the SEC intends to award a fixed-price contract on a single source basis to CipherTrace, a blockchain analytical platform.

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