Japanese Court Allows Confiscation of Coincheck Hack Funds
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Aug. 19, 2020

The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday ordered the conditional seizure of some $46,000 worth of bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) and the XEM token that have been tied to the Coincheck hack of 2018, Cryptonews first reported, citing local news outlet Kyodo.

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The court has reportedly issued a protective order on the funds after the police seized the tokens. According to prosecutors, the assets were deposited on a local cryptocurrency exchange by Takayoshi Doi, a 30-year-old doctor from Obihiro in Hokkaido.

The law enforcement believe the man was not directly responsible for carrying out the hack. However, Doi has been charged with carrying out a dark web transaction to buy the tokens at a discounted rate.

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The Coincheck hack remains to be one of the biggest attacks on the cryptocurrency exchanges that resulted in a loss of $400 million worth of NEO cryptocurrency.

In 2019, the Japanese media Asahi Shimbun reported that one of the CoinCheck employee's personal computers had been infected with a Russian virus bot that included mokes and netwire, known as Smoke Bot.

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