TRON Partners with Waves to Connect Smart Contract Languages
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TRON has entered into a strategic partnership with a blockchain platform Waves to make their smart contract languages interoperable with the help of Gravity, a blockchain and token-agnostic oracle.

Currently, both of the blockchains are using different programming languages: Ride and Solidity. It is expected that with the help of Gravity, TRON and Waves will be able to enhance access to services for two userbases.

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TRON Founder and CEO Justin Sun says working with Waves means "speeding up blockchain mass adoption through agile service development."

With the partnership, TRX and other TRC-20 tokens will reportedly be available on the Waves blockchain via seamless decentralized gateways (Gravity swap) and automatically listed on Waves' DEXes.

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Moreover, blockchain developers from both ecosystems will be able to create modern cross-chain dApps which will work on both networks via wallets and browser extensions.

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