Hackers Exploit a Vulnerability in Tor to Steal BTCs From Users
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Aug. 12, 2020
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Hackers have used the Tor network to attack users of crypto platforms, cyber security expert nusenu has reported.

Tor is a proxy server system that allows users to establish anonymous network connections. This technology helps hide both the IP address as well as other information from users through the use of several intermediate relays.

A large number of crypto owners use Tor for privacy reasons without knowing they are actually at risk.

As nusenu has explained, exit relays operators pose a threat. Since January, attackers have taken control of a large proportion of exit relays, reaching a peak of 23% in May.

By manipulating the traffic, hackers have carried out so-called person-in-the-middle attacks, in which they redirect user traffic from HTTPS to HTTP addresses, which are less secure.

Hackers are mainly interested in requests sent to Bitcoin mixers. During these attacks, hackers change the Bitcoin address in the HTTP traffic to redirect the transaction to their own wallets. The expert notes that while this type of attacks are not new, their current scope is really high.

Nusenu has already reported the problem to Tor's administrators, who have taken the corresponding measures. However, hackers still controlled around 10% of the exit relays in August. In spite of the measures taken by Tor's administrators, such attacks are likely to continue.

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