Crypto Hedge Fund Neural Capital Shuts Down After Losing Half of Investors' Funds
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Crypto hedge fund Neural Capital has decided to shut down, CoinDesk has reported citing sources familiar with the situation.

Since it was created back in 2017, Neural Capital has lost half of its capital and is now returning the remaining funds to investors. According to sources, Neural Capital's crypto assets were liquidated in December, and some of the cash is still in escrow, violating the previously announced deadlines by several months.

The assets under management of Neural Capital in 2019 reached $13M. More than 40 people invested in the project, including Greylock partner Joshua Elman and Expa partner Hooman Radfar, who invested at least $250,000.

The fund withdrew its registration from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in December and in 2020 has stopped submitting obligatory filings to the state of California and the federal agency.

Other crypto funds such as Adaptive Capital, Prime Factor Capital and Tetras Capital have also shut down.

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