NASDAQ to List Diginex Crypto Company
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Diginex, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions company, is about to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, iHodl Russia reports.

In order to be listed on the well-known American stock exchange, Diginex will reportedly acquire investment holding company 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp.

The deal is expected to close in September, after which Diginex will be able to go public.

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Diginex CEO Richard Byworth believes more and more crypto-related companies will eventually go public. According to Byworth, this will increase the level of confidence in the industry.

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In the meantime, Diginex launches its own cryptocurrency exchange called EQUOS and operates an over-the-counter and custodian service.

Original plans to be listed on NASDAQ were scheduled on March this year, but had been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the change in the listing dates.

Diginex shareholders must approve the decision during the final vote on September 15, and from September 20 to 23, the company will be re-registered on NASDAQ.

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