Bancor Rolls Out Updated Version of Smart Contracts
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A cross-chain cryptocurrency conversion platform called Bancor has deployed a new version of smart contracts on the Ethereum mainnet.

According to an official announcement, the updated app has new user interface to swap tokens and also has support for providing liquidity to Bancor v1 and v2 pools.

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The Bancor developers team says version 2 now enters a beta release period.

"During this time, pools can be deployed with temporary limits on the amount of liquidity that can be deposited," the announcement says.

Developers add that liquidity caps are encouraged during the beta release "as a safety measure" to give the community an opportunity to see how the system works with limited supply.

As of now, Bancor V2 includes:

  • Single-token exposure (100% exposure to a single asset)
  • Impermanent loss mitigation
  • 20X liquidity amplification

In June, the developers of the Bancor Network liquidity protocol confirmed they had identified a vulnerability in their new smart contract.

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However, Bancor representatives said the vulnerability had not been exploited.

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