Chainalysis Identifies 900,000 Illegal Bitcoins
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The number of Bitcoins associated with illegal activities has reached 892,000 (4.81% of the current Bitcoin supply), according to data provided by blockchain analysis resource Chainalysis. At the current exchange rate, this is about $10B.

Most of these Bitcoins are traded in the darknet markets, where users sell illegal substances, personal data and other illegal products. Around 585,000 Bitcoins are associated with these products. In addition, some 99,000 Bitcoins are stored in scammers' accounts.

Chainalysis estimates approximately 205,000 Bitcoins have been stolen, for example, from crypto trading platforms. Another 3,000 belong to other criminal industries. However, only 0.32% of transactions on the Bitcoin network are associated with illegal activities.

Chainalysis launched yesterday the data and analysis platform Market Intel, which has been designed for asset managers and regulators interested in monitoring the crypto market.

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