Coinbase Prevented 1,000 Users From Sending $280,000 in BTC to Twitter Hackers
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US crypto trading platform Coinbase claims it prevented more than 1,000 of its users from sending Bitcoin to the hackers responsible for the recent attack on Twitter.

Last week a hacker or group of hackers managed to hack into the accounts of a large number of celebrities and companies and posted messages about a fake giveaway of 5,000 BTCs via an unknown website. However, the attackers actually asked users to send their funds to a BTC address.

Now, Coinbase claims that thanks to its quick action it prevented more than 1,000 of its clients from sending around 30.4 BTCs (about $278,000) to hackers.

However, 14 users of the platform actually sent funds to the hackers (about $3,000) before the exchange added the attackers' Bitcoin address to its blacklist.

While users of other exchanges such as Gemini, Kraken and Binance also tried to send Bitcoins to the hackers, these were far fewer than in the case of Coinbase. All these platforms took measures to prevent their clients from sending funds to the hackers as soon as the scam was known.

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