Tether Blacklists 39 ETH Addresses With Millions of Dollars in USDT
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Tether, issuer of the popular stablecoin currency linked to the US dollar USDT, has blacklisted 39 Ethereum addresses with millions of dollars in USDT.

Horizon Games' Ethereum researcher Philippe Castonguay has used the Dune Analytics platform to create a dashboard that tracks the number of addresses that are blacklisted by both Centre and Tether. The largest address has over $4.5M and was added to the blacklist on April 5.

The news comes just one day after it was known Centre had frozen an address with $100,000 in USDC tokens.

According to Castonguay's analysis, of the 39 addresses identified, 24 have been blacklisted during 2020.

When an address is blacklisted, it cannot send, receive or redeem USDT, meaning the tokens stored on these addresses are basically useless.

Stuart Hoegner, general counsel at Bitfinex, a sister company of Tether, has said Tether works closely with international authorities and freezes certain funds when required.

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