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Voice, the social network built by on the EOSIO blockchain, has just been launched.

Even though it is currently only available in read-only mode to the public, registered users can already post content. The platform is open for early access, while registered users will be able to send invitations to their friends starting on August 15.

The launch of the social network in the EOS blockchain was originally planned for the fall, however, the project has experienced several changes. Thus, the launch date was put off and even though the social network was originally going to be built on the EOS blockchain, it has finally been developed on the EOSIO blockchain.

iHodl reported in June the launch of the network would take place on July 4, right when the USA celebrates the Independence Day.

The beta version of the platform was launched back in February, so it has been being tested for months., the company behind the EOSIO protocol, has invested $100M in cash and $50M in intellectual property in the social media Voice, which was first announced in June 2019. In addition, the company bought the domain name for $30M.

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