Bitcoin Sees Slight Decrease in Mining Difficulty
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Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased from 15.7847 T down to 15.7842 T, or only by 0.0033%, which is the minimum decrease for the first time in 10 years, iHodl Russia has learned.

Thus, the performance of the bitcoin network in the last two-week period almost did not change.

This could result from the lack of new equipment in the network, as well as compensation for its appearance by disconnecting the old one.

Mining difficulty, historically, remained constant at the initial stage during the year after the release of the genesis block and started growing in 2010.

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The last time the change in difficulty was close to 0 in March 2010. Since then, only 8 cases have been recorded when the change in complexity did not exceed 0.1%, of which the minimum is today.

Earlier iHodl reported that Bitmain, a cryptocurrency mining provider, sued 1.2 million Chinese yuan (~$170,000) from former employees.

The trial began in August 2018, when Bitmain filed a lawsuit against three of its former managers. The defendants — who were working at that time for Bitmain — created the rival mining pool called Poolin and thus violated the anti-competition agreement.

Some customers said they are not going to order large batches of devices from Bitmain until its management settle the internal conflict.

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