John McAfee's Ghost Coin Accepted in Hong Kong Vending Machines
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June 29, 2020

Ghost Coin, the privacy-centered crypto by popular crypto enthusiast and anti-virus developer John McAfee, has started to be accepted as a method of payment at vending machines in Hong Kong.

A recent announcement on the project's official Twitter account claims Ghost has teamed up with crypto payment platform ivendPay to make the crypto compatible with over 60 vending machines in Hong Kong.

Some of these machines are located in Disneyland Hong Kong.

According to Ghost:

"When we 1st launched $GHOST our vision was not only to focus on #Privacy but also on real user adoption."

Both the crypto and McAfee's distributed exchange, which has replaced McAfeeDEX, were launched last week.

The launch of the platform has been surrounded by great controversy, as McAfee itself has admitted that some parts of the project's white paper have been copied from the white paper of the crypto exchange PIVX.

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