Japan's SBI to Launch Crypto Fund with 50% in XRP
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Japan's SBI Holdings plans to launch the country's first cryptocurrency-focused fund with the help of anonymous union, a Twitter user @sentosumosaba first reported, citing the holding's press release.

The fund will reportedly be launched this summer.

SBI expects to achieve a high level of diversification with cryptocurrencies for the investment portfolio as digital assets barely correlate with traditional assets.

According to the SBI Business Presentation Material, the fund will allocate 50% in XRP, 25% in bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) and 25% in ether (ETH).

SBI also reported it plans to roll out its own exchange for Security Token Offerings (STO) by the end of this year.

The company claims it is already working on products it would offer when the exchange is ready for release.

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Last year, the Japanese financial services giant announced the launch of a dividend program to reward its investors with XRP.

All investors holding at least 100 or more shares of SBI Holdings could receive 30 XRP coins as a dividend.

In order to benefit from this program, shareholders had to open a free account in crypto exchange SBI VC Trade.

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