ETH Daily Transactions Approach All-time High
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The number of daily transactions on the network of the second largest crypto by market cap is close to the all-time high reached in early 2018.

The number of daily transactions has reportedly reached 1.1 million, very close to the 1.35 million reached in early 2018.

This increase in the number of transactions seems to be related to the increased popularity of stablecoins and DeFi projects. However, it looks like there is another reason, as according to Trustnodes, some mining pools are spamming the network with an unusual amount of daily transactions.

Thus, mining pool Ethermine has made more than 13,000 transactions in just 24 hours amounting to only 0.05 ETH - about $11.70 - or less. While SparkPool and Nanopool are also spamming the network with a large amount of small transactions.

The last time there was an attempt to spam the Ethereum network was back in September 2016, when numerous DNS attacks forced the network to carry out a hard fork aimed at increasing gas cost (the fee that must be paid to carry out transactions on the network).

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