CoinGecko Rolls Out Reward System for Users
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24 June
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Crypto market data aggregator CoinGecko has just introduced a new reward system for its users.

The program, dubbed Candy, allows users to earn loyalty points for connecting to the CoinGecko network.

According to the company's co-founder and COO Bobby Ong, this new system is very similar to the one used by Reddit, where users earn points for interacting on the platform.

According to him, the points or candies "are currently a centralized loyalty points system though it is not hard to imagine them as ERC-20 tokens to make them transferable in the future similar to how Reddit is making their points system decentralized."

CoinGecko claims its candies or points are not transferable, and are not a crypto or token at the moment. In fact, they can currently only be used to be redeemed for certain reward items available on the CoinGecko site such as vouchers, non-fungible tokens and the "How to DeFi" book.

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