Ripple to Expand its ODL Solution Across Asia in 2021
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According to a YouTube interview with Adam Traidman, CEO of SBI Ripple Asia, on June 18, the company plans to expand its ODL (on-demand liquidity) solution throughout Asia.

According to him, the company has already started to deploy its on-demand liquidity (ODL) solution in Asia, and its expansion is expected to accelerate over the next year:

"I expect that probably later this year, and into next year, things are going to move into wider spread production. I expect remittance companies that were restricted in growth because they have pre-funding requirements, they have a lot of capital—they’re going to have a lot more flexibility."

Ripple's ODL solution, a payment corridor that uses the XRP token as a bridge currency, helps to reduce both costs and times in cross-border transactions, which usually take more than one day with traditional systems.

However, Traidman recognizes the ODL solution is not suitable for all countries, as it is a lot more attractive to countries where money transfers are very expensive. For instance, in Japan, where moving money is very expensive, ODL has a large market, while in the US, where transferring money is much cheaper, Ripple's solution does not have a market niche.

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