Bitfinex Introduces P2P Protocol for Data Streaming
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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced Dazaar, an open-source P2P protocol for data streaming.

According to an official announcement, the protocol is an extension to the Hypercore Protocol. Hence, it is scalable, fast and peer-to-peer, the exchange points out.

"We also understand how important it is for users to monetize their data without intermediaries, and that’s why Dazaar integrates a layer to enable time-based micro-payments via any (crypto) currency," the exchange said.

How it works on Dazaar is very straightforward.

For sellers:

  • Install Dazaar;
  • Choose the payment method, for example, 10000 Satoshi/minute;
  • Dazaar will then generate a cryptographic identifier, called the Dazaar Card, which the seller can put anywhere they want for the buyers to discover, such as a Telegram group.

For buyers:

  • Connect with the seller using the info on Dazaar Card;
  • Pay the fee;
  • Receive the data in streams after the seller verifies the payment.

In addition to Dazaar, Bitfinex also developed Dazaar Vision, a live video-streaming desktop application built on top of the Dazaar open-source protocol.

The app reportedly allows anyone to set up live broadcasts and subscriptions, all P2P and in real-time, without signing up required.

Bitfinex Rolls Out a Social Network for its Users

In May, Bitfinex rolled out an institutional-focused crypto custodian service.

In cooperation with Koine, a London-based digital asset custody provider, users will be able to get a line of credit on Bitfinex using bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) or other cryptocurrencies held with Koine.

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