Bitcoin's Logo and Name Registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
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Bitcoin's logo and name have been registered in Spain by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

The registration has reportedly been made by Ignacio Rubio Menéndez, a compliance expert and commercial law lawyer, on behalf of his client, who has preferred to remain anonymous.

However, he said he has made this decision to "protect this intellectual property because he is a Bitcoin seller, has a buying and selling office, and the idea is to protect Bitcoin, at least in Spain. So he defends the brand and takes responsibility that any new user can feel 100% safe working with him and away from the scams that make use of the Bitcoin name."

The registered logo is the one that includes the white letter "B" inside an orange circle, which is supposed to be the cryptos' official logo. "In the text, the upper case B refers to the code and the lower case B refers to the crypto", he added.

He claims from now on, he can file a complaint if any person or company misuses the logo or the word Bitcoin, as it would be a misuse of his trademark.

He does not consider himself a fake Satoshi Nakamoto. According to him, he is just an advocate of Bitcoin in Spain.

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