Nassim Taleb Says Most Bitcoin Supporters Are Idiots
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22 June
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The popular US economist and trader, author of the "Black Swan" theory, has said the vast majority of Bitcoin maximalists are "total idiots." He has said on Twitter:

"Bitcoin is a good idea but almost all bitcoiners are total idiots, can't get nuances beyond fortune cookies."

Taleb has addressed his criticism to Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco, who has said Taleb has gained popularity for the ideas of "antifragile localism & skin-in-the-game requirements," but supposedly justifies "global central-planning by bureaucrats & politicians w/ no skin in the game as best risk management."

Twitter users suggest Taleb has got a wrong idea about Bitcoin supporters because of its Twitter representatives, when in fact most of them may not use social networks at all.

Taleb has recently said that he has decided to close his account at Coinbase after having a bad experience with the platform's customer service.

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