Coinshares, Nomura and Ledger Roll Out Digital Asset Custodian for Institutional Investors
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June 19, 2020

London-based digital asset manager CoinShares has just launched a new custody service for institutional investors with Japanese investment bank Nomura and digital asset security company Ledger, The Block reports.

The service, dubbed Komainu, offers institutional investors the possibility of storing their digital assets securely.

Under US regulations, US investors with more than $150M in assets under management are required to store them with a "qualified custodian."

Coinshares, one of the companies behind the service, has reported it has decided to launch Komainu since there is currently no service that meets all the security standards and meets the needs of businesses.

Coinshares says Komainu will be "the first hybrid institutional-grade custody platform that could seamlessly integrate with legacy financial technology."

The launch of this new service did not happen overnight, as Nomura and Ledger announced more than two years ago they were working together on the development of a digital asset custody service.

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