Civic Launches Proof-of-Health Verification Service
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Decentralized cryptographic identity ecosystem Civic (CVC) in a partnership with Circle Medical has announced the launch of the Health Key service.

With the launch of Civic Wallet, a digital wallet to store and transact with digital identity and currency around the world, the company also announced it will offer the ability to provide secure health checks for employers via the so-called Health Key by Civic service.

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Circle Medical CEO George Favvas says the company is always looking out for the safety of its patients, "including protecting their information and privacy."

"Civic is not only compliant from a regulatory standpoint, but they are also deeply committed to doing what’s right for their users," Favvas added.

According to an official press release, Circle Medical will supply testing for companies in San Francisco Bay Area and additional regional testing partners will be coming online to support customers in other locales.

Earlier the World Economic Forum (WEF) said that the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the vulnerabilities of current supply chains and sees the opportunity for blockchain "to boost efficiencies and strengthen trust across a range of stakeholders."

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The WEF also announced it will soon add other initiatives like R3 to the Blockchain Deployment Toolkit, a set of high-level guidelines documenting tested best practices to address the issues that arise in blockchain implementation projects.

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