African and South American Users Are the Most Interested in Bitcoin
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According to an analysis by of Google Trends data, the users who search the term "Bitcoin" the most are from Africa and South America.

In particular, according to the analysis, most searches are concentrated in Brazil and Kenya.

In Kenya, 94.7% of all searches related to cryptos are focused on Bitcoin, while in the case of Nigeria and South Africa the percentage is 89.4% and 89%, respectively.

Thus, based on these data, it looks like African and South American countries could play a key role in the mass adoption of Bitcoin. In the light of the data, it is not surprising that the speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives called back in July 2019 for the creation of a legal framework to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country.

However, in South Africa, a country where 13% of its citizens own cryptos, their use is more controlled, as the country's regulator issued a document in April reporting that activities related to virtual currencies "can no longer remain outside of the regulatory perimeter."

Regarding South America, the region has four countries among the ten where searches for the term Bitcoin are most popular. Thus, Brazil has the highest search interest in BTC with 92.6%, while both Chile and Ecuador have approximately 89% and Argentina 87.7%.

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