Human Rights Foundation Launches Fund to Drive Development of Privacy-focused Blockchain Projects
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Non-profit organization Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has just announced the launch of a fund to finance privacy-centered Bitcoin projects.

According to a press release shared yesterday, the New York-based non-profit organization aims to promote and protect human rights all over the world.

The aim of creating this fund is "to better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations and journalists around the world."

The fund has already awarded its first grant to Chris Belcher, a British developer working on CoinSwap, a tool that makes it difficult to track Bitcoin transactions.

In addition, the organization plans to award another grant soon.

HRF plans to carry out a crowdfunding campaign to attract more funds. According to the organization, 95% of the donations will go to developers, while the remaining 5% will go to other general efforts of the organization.

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