BitPay Reveals US Prepaid Mastercard
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The global bitcoin payment service provider, BitPay, has announced the launch of a prepaid Mastercard card in the US.

According to an official announcement, the card can be loaded with dollars that are converted from cryptocurrency.

The card has no using fees (excluding network and miner fees) a $10,000 daily load and spending limit, and the ability to spend at millions of locations worldwide.

The crypto-friendly card also supports virtual card and contactless payments.

Visa Greenlights New Crypto Card in Europe and UK

In January, BitPay entered into a partnership with Simplex, a fiat payment aggregator.

As a result, the service's clients can purchase cryptocurrency directly with fiat in the BitPay App.

iHodl earlier reported that a global payment network Mastercard announced its plans to join the ID2020 Alliance, a blockchain-focused alliance dedicated to providing all people on the planet with a digital ID by the year 2030.

Mastercard claims it admits that holding a viable and trusted digital identity will allow everyone "to connect and realize the opportunities presented by our increasingly digital world."

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