BitMEX Accused of Illicit Activity in the US
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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has been accused of conducting illegal activities in the United States, iHodl Russia has learned.

The Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC (BMA) filed a lawsuit against BitMEX on May 16, accusing the exchange of manipulating the cryptocurrency market, fraud, unfair business practices, money laundering and illegal activities to manage raised funds.

Now the plaintiff claims that BitMEX provided financial services to US residents without a license. BMA asked the court to study the correspondence of the exchange with its users on the Twilio service. The plaintiff claims that approximately 30,000 letters are stored there.

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According to the BMA, Twilio agreed to impose a temporary ban on deleting information from the BitMEX account until June 15. If at this point the court does not take the side of the plaintiff, the exchange will again gain full control over this data.

BMA General Counsel Pavel Pogodin noted that BitMEX made a mistake by choosing a mail service in the US jurisdiction. At the same time, the exchange is registered in the Seychelles through the parent company HDR Global Trading.

Earlier BitMEX facing a group of lawsuits, according to which the exchange "deliberately designed" countless illegal actions.

One of the lawsuits was also filed by BMA LLC.

According to BMA LLC, BitMEX and its top executives, including Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed conduct their activities in "brazenly, lawless manner," and the scale of their atrocities is "truly staggering."

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